Hazardous waste transportation

We count on large and diverse fleet of vehicles in orde to be flexible and responsive. Our fleet is suitable for transporting industrial waste, hazardous waste, interjurisdictional waste among others.

Borg Argentina has a large transport fleet

We have special vehicles for the transport of different types of waste, qualified personnel and indicated protocols:

  • Industrial waste
  • Hazardous/Special Waste
  • Household assimilable waste to be disposed of in CEAMSE
  • Interjurisdictional waste
  • Truck and semitrailer
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Curtain side truck
  • Roll-off system truck
  • Utility trucks
  • Refuse compactor (garbage compactor truck)
  • Tank truck
  • Qualified personnel for the movement of dangerous goods
  • Specific training for contingency and emergency plans
  • Regular training programs
  • Satellite monitoring
  • International civil liability insurance with specific environmental clauses


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