Asbestos Decontamination and Removal

We have trained and qualified personnel for on-site tasks experienced in removal, repackaging, cleaning and mitigation of asbestos materials.

Survey, removal, cleaning and mitigation of facilities that contain asbestos

We developed a decontamination monitoring and verification program developed by our own laboratory.

  • All our operations are carried out in conjunction with control and monitoring programs in our own authorized laboratories. Sampling and characterization of material suspected of containing asbestos.
  • All activities are carried out according to accredited protocols in our own authorized laboratory.
  • Safe operations can be carried out with complete isolation of work areas.
  • The waste is packed in accordance with road transport regulations and safe handling.
  • Our operations are comprehensive until obtaining the approval of all the competent control authorities. Traceability in waste management is guaranteed, cleaning monitoring and verification programs are supported by protocols issued by external laboratories.
  • Transport, macro-encapsulation, and final disposal
  • First line equipment, certified
  • Civil Liability Insurance, with Asbestos / Asbestos coverage

Completion of the process

Issuance of certificates of operation and final disposal. Decontamination report of the affected environments with compliance with the program and work permit obtained from the competent enforcement authorities.


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