Environmental services

Our main objective is to satisfy needs and requirements of the various industrial sectors, organizations and public and private institutions.

Borg provides services with state of the art technology

Operating under the strictest international environmental standards, combining experience, technology and responsible management of resources.


At Borg we have a staff of more than 100 people dedicated to carrying out each project or service contracted.


We have an Industrial Plant in Benavídez, Tigre and three offices located in Buenos Aires Autonomous City , La Plata and Benavídez.


All our operations are insured with different types of insurance, and we stand out as the only company with civil coverage for environmental remediation operations (particularly asbestos mitigation).


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Decontamination and
asbestos removal

We provide surveys, risk assessment, removal, cleaning, and mitigation of facilities that contain asbestos. All our operations are traceable, monitored and controlled with our own authorized laboratory. Our operation is comprehensive, includes advice, transport with our own authorized vehicles, treatment, and final disposal of waste in specially designed security cells (industrial landfill).

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Oil Gas

We are present in several Refineries for the Oil Industry, we provide the services of both Industrial Cleaning of Tanks and Pools as well as Sludge Spinning, for product recovery and return to the customer. We transport the waste generated and its subsequent treatment.

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Comprehensive Waste Management

We keep our plants in excellent conditions of presentation, order and cleanliness. We apply to all the waste our best available technology. The Comprehensive Management Service includes the recycling, recovery, and treatment of industrial waste.

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Hazardous waste transportation

We count on large and diverse fleet of vehicles in orde to be flexible and responsive. Our fleet is suitable for transporting industrial waste, hazardous waste, interjurisdictional waste among others.

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Borg Argentina has an Industrial Analysis Laboratory
To ensure the excellence of all our operations, we have authorized, certified and highly equipped industrial and environmental laboratory.

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Export of PCB-contaminated waste

We survey, sample, and characterized any type of element suspected of containing PCB to comply with environmental authorities. Finally, we carry out all the procedures required to give correct environmental management. This implies repackaging processes, waste consolidation, national and international transport, and certification of all processes and treatments.

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Installation of insulation coating

We provide technical and engineering capacity for the installation of thermal insulation in industrial equipment, ducts, and pipes. In addition, surveys are carried out, preparation of enclosures to work in clean conditioned environments and we install protective metal casings.

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Our clients

They are our best letter of introduction and the engine that makes the value of our company. Our objective is to understand and provide solutions to the requirements of the different industrial sectors.


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