Industrial Cleaning, Oil & Gas Services, Asbestos Removal and Decontamination, Insulation Assembly, Maintenance and Integral Waste Management.

Comprehensive Management System

Our culture considers the existence and application of a quality, environmental, safety and occupational health and CSR management system as a fundamental link in its functional structure. This integral system is not static, on the contrary, it is capable of improving day by day.

The management leadership creates an environment for people to be fully involved and in which a comprehensive quality, environment, safety and occupational health and CSR management system can operate effectively.
Some of the basic principles are:

  • Establish, maintain, and promote quality and environmental policy, Have Occupational Safety and Health objectives and goals
  • Ensure that an integral management system for quality, environment, safety and occupational health and efficient CSR has been established to achieve its objectives
  • Periodically review the comprehensive management system

Quality and care for the environment is everyone's task

The quality and care of the environment is not, as is often thought, the work of one person or a group of people but is the task of all those who form it, from senior management to field personnel, since it is on a day-to-day basis where quality must be built without losing sight of its impact on the environment.

A management system must not bureaucratize daily tasks, but must produce order and rigor in each and every one of our activities.

We must all worry about the health of the environment, this concern must be focused on the prevention of contamination, since once the damage is done, it will be difficult to recover the environment.

That is why at Borg Argentina we have certified the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, without considering it an end, but rather a means to achieve our objectives and goals, without neglecting the environment in which we operate. Now we want to introduce a new level of quality and this level is more oriented towards achieving a high degree of professionalism in everything involved in the management of each Company, where the management staff is much more involved.

Environmental aspects

The environmental aspects caused by the company's activities were determined, identifying those that were considered most significant and defining prevention and control methods that minimize, and if possible, eliminate, negative impacts on the environment.

We consider conducting all our activities in such a way as to minimize the possible environmental impacts associated with our facilities, processes and services as the cornerstone of our environmental commitment, paying special attention to the protection of workers, the local environment and the general public.

Comprehensive policy of Borg Argentina S.A.

The members of the firm Borg Argentina S.A, based in the central office and Pacheco Facility who are dedicated to tank and pit cleaning,, sludge dewatering, asbestos decontamination, industrial laboratory analysis, cargo conditioning, transportation, treatment and final disposal of industrial waste, consolidation and export of hazardous waste for which technology is not available in the country. We are aware that in order to be leaders in the market we supply, we must provide a service whose quality has an ideal technological and professional support, which, due to its characteristics, promotes the protection and prevention of environmental contamination as well as aspects related to safety and occupational health (OHS).

For compliance with this policy
the following principles are established:

  • Develop and maintain an Integrated quality, environmental and occupational and safety management in such a way as to ensure the satisfaction of the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14064 standards
  • Efficiently manage resources within a framework of respect for the environment, seeking to prevent pollution, reduce consumption, reuse and recycling
  • Integrate OH&S discipline at all hierarchical levels of society, implying the attribution and assumption by all personnel of the obligation to include safety measures and the prevention of occupational accidents and illnesses in any activity that is carried out and in all the decisions that are taken
  • Comply with requirements of current and applicable legislation, and the procedures and standards established by the company or to which it subscribes
  • Provide sufficient tools and training at each level and area to achieve the necessary competence and awareness, guaranteeing the quality of our service, allowing proper management of our significant environmental aspects and in terms of occupational risk mitigation
  • Satisfy the needs of our clients, maintaining a fluid communication that ensures the understanding of those needs
  • Work together with our suppliers, involving them in this policy
  • Make this policy and its principles available to the public, maintaining open communication channels to satisfy community concerns
  • The Management and the Management Group undertake to provide the necessary resources to guarantee compliance with this policy, the established objectives and their continuous improvement, communicating it and involving the entire organization

We have Civil Liability Insurance with coverage for asbestos / asbestos mitigation for your on-site operations.

We are authorized as an operator in the place, according to the following detail:

For Asbestos decontamination

  • Removal, decontamination, repackaging of waste Y36, Asbestos in the City of Buenos Aires – D9 D14 Apr.
  • Removal, decontamination, repackaging of Y36 waste, Asbestos in the Province of Santa Cruz
  • Removal, decontamination, repackaging of waste Y36, Asbestos in the Province of Mendoza
  • Removal, decontamination, repackaging of waste Y36, Asbestos in the Province of Salta
  • Technology Permit – OPDS, Province of Buenos Aires. (Ministerio de Ambiente de la Provincia de Buenos Aires)
  • Argentine Naval Prefecture

    For Industrial Cleaning

  • Technology Permit D9 D14 for Tank Cleaning and Sludge Spinning, Chemical Washing – OPDS
  • Operator, tank cleaning and repackaging of waste contaminated with hydrocarbons and hazardous waste in the Province of Santa Cruz
  • Argentine Naval Prefecture

Sustainability Policy

Borg Argentina brings its Sustainability Policy so that our Suppliers can read it and certify their knowledge and adherence. Our request is due to the fact that Borg is certified in the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards and as part of its Management System it is its responsibility to take actions to comply with our external, internal regulations and within the economic aspects, Social and Environmental has developed this Sustainability Policy with guidelines that we must comply with and make known to our suppliers and our business relationships..


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