Human Resources

We create value in our human resources, through the optimization of processes, efficiency in services and innovation.

Promote human capital

Strategies and actions are created in the area that enable
develop the team to the maximum. The main functions are:

  • Recruit and motivate the best professionals in the market in time and cost, incorporating the most suitable people for each job position
  • Carry out the administrative management of human resources in compliance with current legal regulations
  • Respond to the needs of Borg Argentina to increase the performance of its staff to achieve business objectives, through the development of competencies (tgeneric, and specific technical skills) defined for each job position.
  • Cover communication, conflict management of the company, employees, union organizations, application authorities, or others. Advise and coordinate the executive decisions foreseen before jurisdictional and administrative bodies.

We promote the creation of a harmonious work environment. In it, the diversity of ideas, synergy, teamwork, mutual respect, continuous improvement, honesty, participation,commitment, encourage professional and personal development growth, whose results are transferred to improve companyperformance.


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