Borg Argentina

Industrial Cleaning, Oil & Gas Services, Asbestos Removal and Decontamination, Insulation installation, Maintenance and Integral Waste Management


The beginnings of
Borg Argenina S.A.

The company was created in 1994 under the name of Borg Austral, for solving hydrocarbons spills and reclamation of polluted land through operations of recovery and reuse of liabilities with mobile equipment.


In 1996, hired by a major automotive company, the classification, analysis and treatment of waste begins. In 1997, the Pacheco plant was inaugurated, in which the incineration and inertization activities were carried out. Its facilities include a modern and complete laboratory for industrial analysis, a 1750 m2 warehouse, a workshop for internal maintenance, an aboveground tank farm and administrative offices.

Likewise, Borg Austral absorbs the companies Gamesa Austral, S.A. and Gameco, S.A. incorporating the activity of Operator-Exporter of waste contaminated with PCBs. Subsequently, the necessary permits are obtained for the creation of an environmental platform for the treatment and final disposal of industrial waste in the town of Campana. In 1999, Befesa Medio Ambiente, through its subsidiaries Prisma and Rontealde, acquired 100% of the capital of Borg Austral S.A. At the end of 1999, the securityindustrial and hazardous landfill located in the town of Campana, Province of Buenos Aires, began to operate, a place to which the inertization activities were also transferred.

At the end of the year 2000, the company Abengoa S.A. acquires 100% of Befesa Medio Ambiente, thus forming an economic group with an international presence in more than 70 countries with a significant participation in Latin America. At the beginning of 2004 and as part of the corporate strategy, Borg Austral was renamed Befesa Argentina S.A. In mid-July 2013, Abengoa S.A. sells 100% of its subsidiary Befesa to funds advised by the company Triton. Finally, as of August 2017 and as part of a strategic change, Befesa Argentina S.A. changes its name to Borg Argentina S.A., continuing to provide its services, seeking challenges and developing new projects.


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