Waste Export

We survey, sample, and characterized any type of element suspected of containing PCB to comply with environmental authorities. Finally, we carry out all the procedures required to give correct environmental management. This implies repackaging processes, waste consolidation, national and international transport, and certification of all processes and treatments.

Export of PCB-contaminated waste

Waste Export

Borg Argentina as long as no feasible treat available in the country in accordance with international agreements, we apply the Basel Convention to export waste, and carry out treatments in Europe.

The service begins with the survey of waste, its subsequent conditioning and cargo consolidation

Final disposition and certificates

This operation concludes with treatment and final disposal certificatesissued by foreign operator and validated by Borg Argentina once the waste has been disposed.

All tasks are in accordance with procedures, including specific procedures in different jurisdictions ensuring complete traceability and required certifications. The originals are delivered to our clients and kept in our registry forever.


Management of permits and documents required by national and international authorities (CAA, Export License, notification document for transboundary movements/shipments waste, etc.).

The operations that Borg Argentina carries out during the provision of these services are authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (SAyDS) and by the OPDS.Borg Argentina complys with all applicable law. All operations are verified and authorized by the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MAyDS) and the applicable provincial environmental authorities.


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